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The best free auto clicker


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Mouse Auto Clicker is one of the most feature-rich free software available today. Even has superior features to other paid auto clickers such as checking the color at the place to be clicked before clicking, It is possible to combine automatic mouse clicking and typing like a real person, besides supporting keyboard shortcuts and keystrokes. If we optimize, Mouse Auto Clicker can help you improve your work performance as well as in working and gaming

Smart Simulate

Simulate actions like a real person type text, press keyboard shortcuts, and even key combinations

Smart Mouse Clicks

Check the color at the place to click before clicking

Full Feature Supports

Mouse Auto Click Left, Mouse Auto Click Right, Mouse Auto Middle Click
Support check the color before click.
Mouse Auto Scroll Up Mouse Auto Scroll Down

The Best Free Auto Clicker 2021 |

100% Free & Safe

The SourceForce are scanned all malware.
Mouse Auto Clicker is 100% clean and safe for all computers

Smart Delay Time

Dynamic random delay time at runtime of mouse clicker is one of the important factors to help users can pass many rules & foot print.

Exports & Imports

You can save the list to an MAC file so that you can load it the next time you need the same actions performed.


This is the right useful software solution for your automation project or any work that makes you repeat on a computer every day.
Check out the mouse auto clicker's tutorials video for a preview of the automation solution integration case study. Then apply it to your daily repeat work.


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